Blindsided in Babylon

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Lesser gods do not give us reason to rest in presence of questions we cannot answer. When we have mastered them, smaller gods, like good jobs or bank accounts, replace our desire to have with a fear of losing...Little gods, made in our own image, are all impostors and liars. They rob our strength without renewing it...This is the mindless legacy of the Idols we carve for ourselves in the presence of our creator.
Mart De Haan

One thing I learned during the years I spent in corporate environments, was never to step foot into the door of my workplace without first exercising the authority given to me as a believer over the demonic forces waiting to "blindside" me through anyone they could find who would co-operate with them.
Whenever the enemy successfully "blindsided" me my day would be effectively ruined.
My peace was shattered and my mind was tormented by the barbed words that found their mark and drove in deep.
Often my sleep would be disrupted and I could not enjoy things that normally gave me great delight.
We must realize that God's enemy, Satan, is also our enemy, and he is obsessed with making our lives miserable as well as neutralizing our effectiveness in every area.
A particular point of vulnerability is in the workplace.
I make a regular habit of binding any spirit (in Jesus name) who is not the Holy Spirit or a ministering spirit from God from speaking or manifesting itself to me (through any person or medium of communication) or to anyone else while they are in my presence (I do this verbally).
I didn't realize what an impact this was making even on those around me until one day someone walked up to me and said, "you sure whipped that group into shape. They used to sit and gossip and make snide remarks to each other all day long, and now they are getting along!"
I had not done anything--except pray...  and, in the name of Jesus, bind up the enemy.
we cannot bind up a person's own hatred, jealousy, greed, ambition and covetousness. But we can bind devils from speaking to us through them.
When we do that, it is amazing how unkind remarks, meant to be barbs, are deflected--never allowed to penetrate our spirit, and therefore are unable to steal our victory, joy, peace or productivity.

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