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What Is A Principality?


A Principality is a kingdom.


There are two types of kingdoms. There are earthly kingdoms, then there are the spiritual kingdoms. These rule over the physical kingdoms. The physical things that we can see and touch are subordinate to the spiritual things that cannot be seen.


In scripture the word "principality" can be used in reference to either a kingdom or to the ruler of a kingdom.


The word, Principality, is translated from the Greek word "Arche".


It is interesting to note this word is derived from a family of Greek words (all containing the word "arch") which includes the word "archangel" in 1 Thessalonians 4:16. It denotes precedence or great authority.


The principalities we are warned against in Ephesians 6:12 are powerful spiritual entities (princes) who rule kingdoms here on earth.


The title, “Principality,” denotes rank—it carries no inherent connotation of either good or evil—that must be specified in the context of the passage.


In Satan’s kingdom, aside from Satan himself, principalities are probably the highest ranking (therefore the most powerful) order of devils (or fallen angels) we will ever be likely to come up against.


They are also part of a class of devils that can only be successfully fought by adding fasting to our prayers**


We see an example of this in Daniel 10:12-13 where

an angel was dispatched in answer to Daniel's prayer. But the angel was hindered by the "Prince of Persia"—a principality.


The "Prince of Persia" is (I say "is" instead of "was" because this is a spirit being who still exists) a very powerful demon (or fallen angel who was able to delay Heaven's messenger for 3 full weeks! --**in this study, for convenience sake, I may use the terms fallen angel, devil or demon interchangeably as they are all fallen beings-evil, and against us. We really do not need to be concerned about the differences between them except to understand the 4 sub-categories listed in Eph. 6:12 which we will be looking at in detail)



In the book of Daniel, The "Prince of Persia" is a principality so powerful that God dispatched another angel, Michael (another principality--only a good one), to assist the first angel in getting through the lines to Daniel (the battle wasn't won in 21 days, because the angel that spoke to Daniel said he was going back to the battle).


This "principality" (Prince of Persia) was directly responsible for hindering the answer to Daniel's prayer for 21 days, but the fact that Daniel stuck to his commitment not to eat any pleasant bread (partial fast) is relevant to the final outcome.


Are there times we pray and receive no answer--then give up because we believe no answer is forthcoming?


It is possible that a very powerful devil known as a "principality" is responsible for the hindrance.


Daniel didn't give up when he didn't see his answer immediately--and neither should we!



** Matthew 17:21 (kjv) tells us that there are some devils which will not come out except by prayer and fasting--if your Bible version does not contain this verse, or has a footnote saying the "oldest and best" mss omit it. Toss it! And get a King James Bible.


This verse has around 4000 witnesses [in mss, quotes from church fathers and version evidence] that it is indeed an original part of the Word of God. It has not been added. The "oldest and best" mss that are being referred to are only two [very controversial] mss out of thousands—not only have they not been proven to be the best—they also have not been proven to be the oldest.


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