I've Been Involved With Occult Activity -- What Do I Do Now?

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It doesn't matter whether you've been involved a little or a lot. God can and will forgive you and help extricate you from all involvments.
First and formost--Ask God's forgivness for knowingly (or unknowingly) involving yourself (and/or your children) in occult activity... then... end the association. Stop the activity--immediatly.
Ask God's help in obtaining deliverance from any negative spiritual influences that may have gained entry into your life (or the life of your children) through your involvment.
If you have involved your children in any activities you now know are sinful for a child of God to participate in, be encouraged, children are much more insightful than we give them credit for.
They are usually much more willing to obey God than we give them credit for as well.
Explain to them that you allowed them to get involved, with you, in some things you now know more about, and are getting completely out of your lives in order to live in a more pleasing manner to God.
Pray with them. Ask them to forgive you.
If you are a child of God, you have the authority to use the mighty name of Jesus in dealing with any "hitch hikers" you may have picked up along the way. Your children should also be prayed for.
They were involved in the occult activity--let them know Jesus is the greater one and teach them about spiritual warfare. It will not have a detrimental effect on them.
Truth is never harmful.
In Jesus' name--bind, rebuke and renounce all spiritual strongholds you may have wittingly or unwittingly invited into your life through occult activity.
If you are not comfortable doing this yourself, find a Bible believing Christian you trust to pray with you and your children.
Begin reading the Bible daily (always picking up where you left off yesterday).
We recommend the King James Bible without footnotes.

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