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Matthew Chapter One
I'm reading the "begats" in Matthew chapter one (I never skip anything in my "on track" reading).
The geneology in Matthew is the geneology of Jesus through his "legal" father Joseph.
Since Joseph was Jesus' "legal" father, everything that Joseph was entitled to--Jesus was entitled to.
Joseph was a descendant of David--therefore he was a contender (had it been God's will) for the Throne of David.
Jesus, being his "legal" son, is able to show that he is also a contender for the Throne of David through his legal father--Joseph.
This is particularly important in view of the fact That God dictated that the throne would be occupied by the descendants of only one man--David (Acts 2:29-30).

Journal Entry, December 3, 2005

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Today's "On Track" Reading Begins at
Malachi 4:5-6
(Stayed "on track" today all the way through Matthew 1:12)

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Drawing the Line
Matthew Chapter One
These "begats" are rich indeed (if one has a working knowledge of the rest of the Bible).
I made it to verse :12 before I got sidetracted (in a good way).
A familiar name in verse :12 grabbed me, so I just had to go to the Old Testament book of "Ezra" to check it out (Ezra 4:1-3).
The name was "Zorobabel".
This man is mentioned several times (in several places) in scripture, but until today, it just didn't sink into my active consciousness that he was descended from the Kings of Judah and was in the lineage of Jesus.
What was so special about Zorobabel?
Well, the first time he caught my attention, I had to admit I was quite impressed with the man.
He was laboring with Ezra and a group of captives, who had been allowed to return from Babylon) on re-building the temple in Jerusalem.
Now this was not a popular undertaking with some local strong-men who decided to take the less obvious approach of "weakening from within" (infiltration) first--by offering to help with the work.
Zerubbabel (different spelling--same guy) was having none of it.
He didn't even thank them for their offer when he sent them packing.
(their response to that revealed their true motives--see verses :4-5).
Should we be following Zerubbabel's example when we are faced with accepting help (in the ministry) from sources that could potentially cause us to compromise in our obedience to God?
I read once that Corrie Ten Boom (missionary--death camp survivor) handed a large check back to a donar who was not saved.
As she handed the check back, she told the very wealthy woman to keep her money--that God wanted her heart and her life--not her money.
What about government grants that come with strings attached?
What about incorporating our churches (and in doing so, swear to uphold the best interests of the government (the same one that doesn't allow prayer in schools and upholds the murder of babies through aborting)--did you know that is built into all incorporations (incorporations are the creation of the government)?
Something to think about. ...
Where do we draw the line?
Who do we tell, like Zerubbabel did... 
"Ye have nothing to do with us...." 

How many ministries today cannot stand for the truth, because they have compromised themselves by allowing their enemies to "build with them?"



Malachi 4:5-6
There is a millenial (and a perperpetual) consequence of the hearts of Jewish children and Jewish fathers being turned toward's each other.
Elijah is coming for the purpose of turning Jewish hearts in the right direction.
If that does not happen before the physical return of Christ to this earth, the Lord will smite the earth with a curse.
But why would the entire earth be smitten with a curse
if Jewish hearts are not turned wholly to God?
Because the promises pertaining to the earth were made to only one man (and his physical descendants).
That man is Abraham, the father of Jacob, the father of Isaac--of whom the 12 tribes of Israel descended.
If the physical descendants of Isaac do not turn to Jesus before his return, the earth will be smitten with a curse.
But they will turn to Jesus, because God said they would (Zechariah 12).
It is part of his plan that they do so (just like Jesus dying for our sins was part of his plan), so there is no fear that any part of his plan will not come to pass.
A few other passages of scripture that directly relate to the Jewish people and their connection to the blessing (or cursing) of the earth (Malachi 4:6) are:
  • Isaiah 65:8
  • Zechariah 8:13
  • Romans 11:12

As it is written, there shall come out of Zion the deliverer and shall turn away ungodliness from Jacob....

Be careful what you eat...

               ... to the hungry soul, every bitter thing is sweet

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