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"We Will Adapt"
This thought is completely unrelated to my "on track" reading, but that happens sometimes (that is why this is called a devotional journal and not a Bible study).
I used to be quite the "Trekkie"(major Star Treck fan). My favorite "Treck" was Voyager. I watched the reruns every nite.
I wasn't a happy camper when I began to notice uncomfortably demonic spiritual themes recurring in one of my favorite shows.
I particularly loved to watch the shows featuring "The Borg."
But I observed some parallels that could only have been demonically inspired. For example:
  • Christ's "Body" is demonically counterfeited in the Borg "collective." They are essentially one unit (think about it).
  • We have a God who knows our every thought--the Borg have a queen who hears all their thoughts.
  • A person is "assimilated" (no one wants to be) by being injected with microscopic nano-things, which eventually take over the entire being--wiping out the original. Isn't that how Satan/Apostasy works? Poisen a little at a time, sin is conceived, and according to James, when it reaches full maturity, it brings forth death?
  • One the other hand, in order to become a member of the Body of Christ, one hears the Word (which, according to Jesus,  is compared to the "tiniest" of seeds), accepts it with joy, and they become sons of God and are integrated into "one body".

Just a thought....



Journal Entry December 4, 2005

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Today's "On Track" Reading Begins At
Matthew 1:16

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The Importance of Marrying Within the Will of God
Matthew 1:19-20
Mary, the mother of Jesus, could legally have been stoned to death when it was brought to Joseph's attention that she was pregnant.
In those days, a betrothal (engagement) was as legally binding as a marriage, and Mary's being pregnant with a baby that did not belong to Joseph was considered adultery--which carried a death penalty if prosecuted.
But Father always knows best, and chose a husband, for Mary, whom he knew would initially react with mercy to the news that he had, very likely, had been "cuckolded" (to use a somewhat archaic, but very appropriate, term).
Joseph's first reacton was to privately divorce her--not kill her, which he had the legal right to do by having her publically executed (by stoning).


Matthew 1:16
Christ means: "Messiah" or "Anointed One"
I'm still stuck on this "Christ Consciousness" or "World Christ" thing.
New Agers, Hindus, B'Hais etc., insist that "Christ" is merely a title that can be applied to any number of anointed ones, but we must remember where the title originated from.
Messiah or "Christ" was foretold in the "Bible" (the only source of our knowledge of the God of Heaven and his plan of redemption through his son, Jesus, who is called the (only)  Christ.
Only one anointed one (or Christ) is foretold, and Jesus is it.

Be careful what you eat...

               ... to the hungry soul, every bitter thing is sweet

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