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Jesus Only?
I have a problem with the UPC view of "Jesus Only."

So I thought I would share one of the reasons why.

I have an Aunt who belongs to the United Pentecostal Church (UPC--who claim to be the only true church).

And for quite some time she was engaged in a vigorous campaign to convert me.

During the course of our discussions, I found many holes in the UPC view of the Godhead, and Matthew 18:10 is but one of them.

She insisted that Jesus is both the Father
and the son.

Now I am fully convinced that Jesus Christ is almighty God, the creator, who became flesh and dwelt among us (John 1:1,3,14).

But in Matthew 18:10 Jesus made a distinction between himself and the Father.

He also told us where the Father was while the son was on earth.

The Father was in Heaven and still actively
involved with his creation--not morphed
into the son.

Art is Spiritual, Jesus Only?, Thoughts on the Two Witnesses

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Thought For Writers
And other artists....
We will all write what is in our hearts.
For from the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks....
The same goes for the writer's pen.
All art is spiritual. Whether it be writing (poetry or prose), sculping,
painting, drawing or music...
It proceeds from the heart of the artist.
In light of the fact that nothing can come out of our hearts that isn't
in there to begin with, doesn't it make sense to guard our hearts--be very careful what we grant entry into our hearts through the gates of our five senses?
Are we not responsible for the influence we exert through the artistic gifts God has given us?
What goes in... must come out.


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Revelation 11
The Two Witnesses
One of the things I find helpful in studying Bible Prophecy, is finding, what I call, a source scripture.

I'll give an example:

In Mark 10:35-40, James and John approach Jesus and ask to be allowed to sit on his right and
left hand when he comes into his glory.

I believe the source of that request is found in Zechariah Chapter 4:3-14.

James and John were aware of the prophecy about the two anointed ones who would stand beside the Lord of the whole earth (one on his right and the other on his left).

Going on from there, in Matthew 17:3, we see two people standing with the Lord of the whole earth talking with him.

These two are Moses and Elijah.

I believe that Moses and Elijah are the two anointed ones prophesied by Zechariah, and I further believe that they are the two witnesses of Revelation 11.

Few argue that one of the witnesses is Elijah, but I feel they argue that fact for the wrong reason.

I do not believe Elijah is one of the witnesses
due to the fact that he did not experience
physical death.

Physical death would be no hindrance to anyone God chooses to be the two witnesses--the scriptures have examples of those who died, were resurrected (by Elijah, Jesus, Peter...) then went on to die again.

These people will also be resurrected again.

Dying and being raised from the dead is no
hindrance to dying and being raised again.

(Moses was also resurrected and is in Heaven
today as a resurrected man--Jude:9).

So the argument that the two Witnesses of
Revelation have to be one of those who have
never experienced physical death, holds absolutely no water.

I do agree however, that one of the witnesses is Elijah, not because Elijah never experienced physical death, but because the signs of Elijah are listed in Revelation 11:6.

One of the witnesses has power to withhold the
rain for 3 1/2 years--that is a description of Elijah.

The other witness brings plagues upon the earth--the exact same plagues that Moses brought--why would the second witness be anyone other than Moses?

He is being described perfectly in Revelation

I believe the two witnesses of Revelation are the same two anointed ones who will stand by the Lord of the whole earth when he comes in his glory.

I believe they are the same two who appeared with the Lord of the whole earth and stood with him before his passion.

I believe that Mark 10:35-40, Zechariah 4:3-14, Matthew 17:3 and Revelation 11:6 are all related scriptures and reveal these two to be
Elijah and Moses.

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