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Chapter 11

Choose You This Day....


       The reader has been challenged to understand why it really does matter which Bible version we read.


       The reader has been challenged to learn basic information concerning the history of the most important documents anyone can ever possess.


       The reader has been clearly shown that a choice must be made, and the decision has been simplified by narrowing the choices from literally hundreds down to just two.


       The claims of those who oppose the Word of God by slandering those involved with the translation of the King James Version have been debunked as vindictively false.


       The claims of those who would slander the integrity of  the Received Text itself have been proven to hold no water.


       The Apostolic origin of the Received Text has been traced and proven.


       The reasons given for the need for a new translation in the 1880’s have been explored and found wanting.


       The character of those who rejected all previous scholarship and texts in spite of overwhelming evidence that the choice was not based on sound scholarship has been examined and found wanting.


       The very revisions they chose upon which to base their revision (and upon which virtually all subsequent versions have been based) have been examined and found to be inferior and corrupt.


To the heart that loves the truth, the evidence presented in this book is more than enough in order to make a righteous choice. To the heart that does not love the truth, no amount of evidence will ever be enough.


He that has ears, let him hear…


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