And ye shall be as god's....

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And ye shall be as god's....


In Hamon's Book (PAATCMOG) he wastes no time in referring to the Church's "union with diety."
That is a Seductive unscriptural twist on what the Bible refers to as "the spirit of adoption" and the power born again believers are given to become "sons of God."
But as there is nothing new under the sun, we see that it is nothing more than the repackaged bill of goods that Eve bought into way back in the garden.
The Apostle warned of a day when sound doctrine would not be tolerated, because men and women would be so utterly devoted to their own lusts, truth would be rejected out of hand.
There are powerful spirits of seduction working through this movement that are drawing Christians in by the boatloads. These spirits are using what the apostle John referred to as the "lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life."
How important are physical comforts to you? Do material things make your eyes light up with desire? Do you love to be called by your title instead of just your name? How about "greetings in the market-place" or the most prestigious seats in the house? 
Any teacher or leader, who effectively caters to lusts in these three areas, is almost guaranteed to be a success (by the standards of the popular culture) in these days of apostasy.
And Christians who follow after these modern day Pied Pipers are following them, very possibly, to their own destruction.
Are you a pastor or a teacher who longs for a great ministry? Do you admire certain leaders and want to be like them? 
Are you tired of being powerless or a "nobody"? The idea of everyone being a shepherd and no one being a mere sheep is appealing isn't it?
The truth is, that every one isn't either an apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor or teacher. And the majority certainly are not apostles and prophets (which is what you see when you look closely at this movement).
Are you burdened down by financial problems or illness? These "prophets" promise success, prosperity, health, power--everything you may not have right now--don't they?  
Micah, speaking under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, spoke well when he spoke concerning the, "prophets...  that make my people err."
They will deliver all right--but most likely not what they promised.
What will be delivered are spirits of error, pride, materialism,  self love and any number of other hindering oppressive spirits.
In his book, Hamon referred to a movement called "Floor Time."  These days it's usually referred to as "Holy Laughter." He claimed the laughter movement paved the way for the Apostolic-Prophetic movement.
I don't doubt that one bit. I've frequently been present when the so-called phenomenon of holy laughter has manifested, and not once did I ever perceive there was anything holy about it. I've seen demons manifesting boldly through many who were in the throes of "holy" laughter.
I remember how one woman gushed about how she knew this was of God, because she experienced it. Well for starters, just because one experiences something, doesn't mean it's from God. Every manifestation is not from God. And for finishers, I was aware that this woman had serious strongholds of jealousy, control and ambition in her life.
With that kind of unrepentant sin going on in her life, how was she going to have the discernment to know what was and what was not of God? 
Johanna Michaelson, in her book The Beautiful Side Of Evil, describes participating in demonic activities while being fully convinced it was all of God. It felt totally right. But she realized later that she was operating under a spirit of delusion--error (among other things). Fortunately, she had such a love of the truth, she persevered until these things were revealed to her, and she was able to obtain deliverance from many deceiving strongholds in her life.
She now has a ministry helping the Body of Christ to recognize when Satan is masquerading counterfeit occultic gifts as gifts of the Holy Spirit. 
Paul spoke of the dire consequences of rejecting the truth (as revealed in the written Word of God) in 2 Thessalonians 2:11, "And for this cause, God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie...."
Once truth is rejected in favor of a lie. Discernment becomes distorted, and the truth becomes harder and harder to see...
Until it is, very possibly, rejected altogether.

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