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Statement of Faith
Why Suffering?
Why Did Jesus Have to Die on a "CROSS?"
Church Growth Seminar
Bible Prophecy Study Center
Equality For Christian Women
Domestic VIOLENCE Domesitc ABUSE
The "WHOLE" Armour of God

For Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light...therefore it is no great thing if his ministers be transformed as the ministers of righteousness...

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Apostles Prophets & the Coming NEW AGE

Contemplative Prophetic Video Library

Apostles Prophets And The Coming NEW AGE

"The Bible has become an Idol!" "God is bigger than doctrine!" "The church is so hung up on Bible study, they don’t know Jesus!"

These are just a few of the things we are hearing from proponents of several popular movements sweeping through the Church today. Entire denominations are accepting the teachings of these movements and, as a result, Christians are defecting from historical, Biblical, Christianity in alarming numbers. This book takes a close look at the roots of these movements, and in the light of scripture, examines the philosophy and practices behind Spiritual Formation, Contemplative Spirituality, the Prophetic Movement and much much more.

Contemplative / Spiritual Formation

Chrysalis Walk to Emmaus

The Bible Does Not Teach There Will Be An End-Time Restoration

A true prophet does not have to be 100% accurate?

Joel's Army

The Fastest Growing Cult Within the Body of Christ Today

Do You Honestly Believe...??

Bible Prophecy and the Prophetic Movement

A Biblical Definition of Contemplative Prayer

Mike Bickle introduces Contemplative Prayer

Mike Bickle Defines Contemplative Prayer


Prophetic Activation

"Present Restored Truth...?"

New Light? No Light!

Doctrine Is Not A Dirty Word

Signs and Wonders

What Kind Of Fruit Is This Movement Producing?

Beware Paradigm Shifts

Apostles-Prophets & The NEW AGE Connection

The End-Time Apostasy & the NEW AGE Connection

And ye shall be as god's....

When Will We Be Reigning As Kings and Priests?

Soothe-Saying Masquerading As Prophecy

How To Tell Counterfeit Gifts From the Real

I'm Already Involved--What Do I Do Now?

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Apostles Prophets & the Coming NEW AGE

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