Doctrine Is Not A Dirty Word (a/p)

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Those who are heavily into the Apostolic-Prophetic movement, love to tell those of us who love the Word of God that our theology is getting in the way of our faith and spiritual growth.
Doctrine, to them, has become a dirty word--unless it is an ever evolving, Darwinian type, doctrine that morphs with each tasty morsel of "new light" that proceeds from the mouths of the "prophets."
If one chooses to follow the leaders of this movement, the holy scriptures (contained in the Bible) must be trashed... because the "new light/present truth" that is spewing forth from the mouths of these apostles and prophets contradicts the written Word of God.
Day by day, the followers of these "clouds without water" choose to reject what is written in favor of "present truth."
When Jesus was tempted, he didn't entertain Satan's seductive offers for one second. He was very stubborn in his choice to cling to what was written.
We must be just as stubborn about it as our Lord was in his example to us.
Satan had a comeback, which many fall for in spite of Jesus' example. He too said, "It is written."
Satan can quote scripture well, and so can his ministers (who the apostle Paul called false apostles. If we are not doers of the Word--but hearers only....
We... will... be... duped!
We are told in the written Word of God to give attention to "doctrine." We are told in the written Word of God that in the last days, men will not endure sound "doctrine."
What is doctrine? Is it that complicated, incomprehensible stuff theologians spend their lives analyzing, obsessing with, writing and debating about? Is it that boring stuff many Dr. So and So's drone on and on about from their dried up, ready to blow away, pulpits every Sunday?
If that is what it is, then I don't want anything to do with it either!
Fortunately, doctrine isn't any of that stuff. Doctrine is purely and simply what God has to say about any given subject. And we find that "written" very simply and clearly in his Word--which will endure forever--and be preserved for "every" generation.
Notice the Psalmist said the written Word of God would be "preserved" to every generation--not "evolved" or edited to the changing needs of every generation.
The reason for that is two-fold:
1.) The written Word of God is timeless. It is never outdated. Because it was written by the great "I Am"--not by the great "I Have Been" or "I Will Be."
Any "time" with our awesome God (who inhabits eternity) is always the "present time." So essentially, everything written in the Word of God is "present truth." 
"Present Truth" has already been written. 
2.) The basic needs of humans (who are created in the image of God) remain the same from generation to generation. There really is nothing new under the sun. 
What, I ask you, is wrong with being clear about our doctrines (teachings) and beliefs?  And on what do we base those? On the unchangeable, solid foundation of the written Word of God, which is preserved to "every" generation? Or on the words of those who build on sand and change with every wind...?

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