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...that the Church of the Living God went into apostasy shortly after the last of the original 12 apostles died?


Bill Hamon says it did.


Do you honestly  believe God would heal a transvestite by giving him an instant sex change operation?


Cindy Jacobs says he will.


Do you honestly  believe the least spiritually developed--bottom of barrel Christians are those who focus on Soul winning?


Rick Joyner says they are.


#1) God's Truth has never been taken from the Church, and it never will be.


Those who defect in the end-time apostasy (predicted in 2 Thessalonians 2:3), will do so out of rebellion against the truth--not because it has been lost. It will be a deliberate rejection of the TRUTH--which the scriptures tell us endures to every generation    (Psalm 100:5).


#2.) Transvestites are effeminate homosexuals--men who desire to to be women and have sexual relations with other men. The Word of God is explicit on where God stands on the sin of effeminacy and homosexuality. The Bible says the effeminate will not enter the kingdom of God. God will not contradict his Word by giving an effeminate man a miraculous sex/gendar change. He will, however, deliver the repentant from sinful oppressions (1 Corinthians 6:9).


#3.) The the very last words of Jesus included a command to be winning the lost. Jesus himself said that he came personally to seek and save them that were lost. The scriptures say, "He that winneth souls is wise."


There is no higher or more worthy activity than that of soul winning. The accuser and apposer of our souls (the devil), however, will do or say anything he can to prevent  Christians from being obedient to Christ in this. Remember, his ministers are transformed as into ministers of righteousness... (2 Corinthians 11:15). 


Jesus had harsh words for those who apposed soul winning in his day--he said, "Ye are of your Father, the devil. ..You don't enter in yourselves and you prevent those who would..."


The three people whose names were mentioned on the front of this article are respected leaders of a false prophetic movement which has infiltrated the Church.


This movement is known by many names, but the most common is the "five-Fold Ministry / Apostolic-Prophetic restoration movement."


But they usually infiltrate, subtly and deceptively, by saying, initially, that they have a, "Vision to network with other Christians (regardless of beliefs) in 'Taking Jesus Outside the Four Walls' and 'Into the Streets.' "


Sounds good doesn't it? But listen for the buzz-words. A few of the buzz-words of this movement are:

  • Present Truth (or Present Restored Truth)
  • Five-Fold ministries/ministers (restoring the...)
  • Prophetic/ Prophetic Evangelism/ Prophetic Activation
  • Spiritual gift activation
  • Paradigm/ Paradigm Shifting
  • "Western" Church
  • Harvesting Souls
  • Ascension gifts (or ministers/ministries)

If you hear any if these--the influence has made its way into your fellowship.

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