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I've been doing a lot of research into the Apostolic-Prophetic (5 fold ministry restoration movement), and I've been seeing references to things I've never heard of before.
Of course one of their main tenets is that they are restoring truth (also call "present truth" or "present restored truth") to the church, which has supposedly been lost for centuries.
How that can possibly be so when God has clearly promised, in his WRITTEN Word, that HIS TRUTH endures to ALL generations--every single one?
Now I do believe that all of the spiritual gifts and all of the ministry gifts (apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers) are for the church today.
There has never been a time when God has not called men and women into all of these areas, and they have functioned within their calling whether anyone ever recognized them as such or not.
No thing or person can keep me from fulfilling the calling of God in my life if I personally acknowledge him in all of my ways and allow him to direct my paths (Proverbs 3:6--better read this in KJV. The other versions crucify this verse--Satan does not want us to understand the power of it). 
Well I came across an article one of these counterfeit prophets wrote to all of the other counterfeit prophets and apostles, where it was said that there had been an inordinate amount of devastation among their ranks (in the form of sickness, death and financial devastation).
The Bible says the curse causeless does not come.
Of course, this possibility was never even hinted at. What was said, though, was that all this devastation had been invading their ranks because so many of them had been operating outside their metrons (??), and have been suffering enemy backlash because of it.
Well that certainly got my attention. When have we ever heard such a thing in the Church of God (I am not referring to any particular denomination here--but rather the entire Body of Christ.)?
Operating outside our metrons!??
Here is the (wholly unscriptural) definition of operating outside our metrons:
According to certain revelations from God, these counterfeits were made to understand that there are certain levels of spiritual wickedness they have not all been given authority over--only those who have progressed to higher levels in the ascension gifts have authority over certain principalities (the strongest in the ranks of spiritual wickedness). 
Some of these principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness of this world and spiritual wickedness in high places are just to tough for some of God's people to take on, and he hasn't given them the authority to do so--according to these counterfeit apostles and prophets.
If we attempt such a thing (coming against a principality Christ hasn't given us authority over), the devil we are coming against may kill us--or make us sick--or devastate us financially or some other way.
Do we find such a thing anywhere in the Word of God??
NO! A thousand times, NO.
Jesus said we have all power over all the power of darkness, and no  thing shall by any means hurt us.
Do we read any loopholes here? Did he qualify that statement in any way?
And did not our Lord repeat himself in the 16th chapter of Mark when he said those that believe would have authority over devils? That pretty much didn't leave anyone out.
He did not say we would only cast out lower class (less powerful) devils. He did not say, "but don't go after principalities, because they are outside your metron."
We are told in scripture that the weapons of our warfare are mighty--not limited to only being effective only against lesser powers of darkness (or strongholds)--or limited to certain ones who have "progressed" farther in the "ascension gifts."
Metron is Greek for measure. Measure--as in every man has been given a "measure" of faith. It certainly does not apply to the authority every believer has been given over the powers of darkness through the name that is higher than every other name.
If a believer is attempting to wage spiritual warfare--expect opposition--that's what warfare consists of. But make sure your house is in order before attempting to do so.
If we acknowledge God in all our ways (word, thought and deed), he will direct our paths--and that will include directing us spiritual warfare as well.
The conditions for victory in these things, is spelled out clearly in the WRITTEN Word of God.
Our salvation is free (but not cheap--we need to learn the difference).
Victory as a Christian and walking in the blessings--and yes, exercising our scriptural authority in Christ--is entirely conditional... on obedience.
Jesus said if we were only hearers of the Word (the WRITTEN Word of God) and not doers, then we could expect devastation to come into our lives.
Jesus said if our eye (discernment) was not clear, then our entire body would be full of darkness (direct reference to physical health being related to our spiritual condition and beliefs).
Yes, I understand the story of Job. I understand upright Christians do suffer devastation. God is sovereign and he allows certain things to accomplish his good purposes. 
But Job's situation is not the norm. And I'm fairly sick of hearing Christians use it for a cop-out and excuse for not cleaning up their lives.
I venture to say few of us are so righteous we get the devil's attention to point Job did.
And don't forget. Job did not die from that attack. And everything he lost was replaced. And he learned something valuable in the process of his suffering (see "Leviathan Exposed" on the "Spiritual Warfare page of this site) .
The scriptures warn us of the consequences (or blessings) of our lifestyle choices and time and again. We must stop ignoring the warnings!
These counterfeit apostles and prophets are not experiencing backlash because they are operating outside their metrons! That is an entirely unscriptural premise.
The scriptures do not limit the authority any faithful believer has over all the powers of darkness.
And the scriptures also say...
The curse causeless does not come.
Is it time to clean house?

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