June 20, 2005 Signs & Wonders Today

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Does God still do signs and wonders today?
Of course he does. He is the same today, yesterday and forever.
Not only does the Word of God verify that God never changes, but I have experienced signs and wonders in my own personal life in the form of supernatural health and supernatural healings.
My husband is a documented miracle at Hamilton Medical Center in Dalton, GA.
We have experienced the supernatural power of God, and we believe with all our hearts that we should be faithful not to forget that we serve a God of the miraculous.
But we should also take heed to Jesus' rebuke to a wicked and adulterous generation that sought after a sign.
How many today are touting signs and wonders in order to draw people to their meetings? How many are seeking and following after signs and wonders?
Jesus applied these things to wicked and adulterous people.
The miracles, signs and wonders Jesus did were in response to real needs--not frivolous manifestations that catered to people's lusts to see something supernatural.
We even see Jesus refusing to meet a legitimate need when the crowd wanted another meal, and he discerned that they were not following him for who he was but rather for what they could get from him.
That was a very subtle and dangerous shift in motivation on their part--ours too. It changes us from being faithful followers of Christ to adulterous children.
We are cheating on God when we begin to follow after signs, wonders and words from the so-called prophets.
He said if we dream a dream tell it, if we have a word, speak it faithfully--these things will benefit all by turning us from our own evil ways unto God's life-giving ways.
But there are those who run when God has not sent them and speak words they did not hear from God.
God says these deceitful dreamers actually steal his words from his people and bring them to harm (Jeremiah 23:21-32).

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