June 29, 2006 5-Folders, Networking and Bold-Faced Lying

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5-folders are aggressive net-workers. We found out they are also notorious liars.
We were invited to share in the opportunity to be a part of the Association of Ministers and Pastors (A.M.P.) in our community. They offered great [future] benefits for joining this association.

Their stated goal is share Christ with the community and pool resources. This all sounded very good on the surface.
As soon as they found out, however, that we were dedicated soul winners and not at all interested in promoting their 5-fold/prophetic/dominion message. They immediately lost all interest in us.
They actually admitted they were only interested in actively working with those who would commit--in writing--to promote their 5-fold agenda.
That was in direct contradiction to their [very deceptive] written advertisement of promoting unity and working with other Christians in spite of differences (although, in that same batch of paperwork, they do minimize the sincerely held biblical beliefs of others merely to "opinions").
Admittedly, the casual observer would have a difficult time recognizing this group is very typically towing the line of all false movements/cults in creating "a devil" (a tangible enemy) that will ensure the unity of their core group.
In this case "the devil" is anyone who takes a stand for sincerely held beliefs and displays a willingness to contend for the faith.
It is an interesting fact that in order for any movement (aside from Christ who is not a movement) to prosper, there must be a devil--an enemy who threatens the security of the movement.
Nothing promotes unity faster than a common enemy.
A mass movement can arise and prosper without a belief in God, but never without a belief in a devil (Eric Hoffer: True Believer).
Hitler answered, when he was asked whether the Jew should be completely destroyed, "No, for then we should have to invent him." Hitler then explained that it is essential to have a tangible enemy--not merely an abstract one.
I became aware that 5-fold/prophetic leaders were notorious liars when I began researching their statements of faith and comparing what they had written in them with what they were actually preaching.
I was flabbergasted, and could only conclude they were deliberate liars.
Butch and I personally experienced that they were bold-faced liars when it became necessary to deal with a group concerning the use of the church building we are currently ministering in.
They asked what our ministry was. We answered, "winning souls and making disciples." We were flat out told, "No, you may not use the building."
They also refused to allow another group of fruitful soul-winners access to the building.
For a short time they were in charge of scheduling the use of the building and, in spite of their loud claims of working with everyone, unity etc., they point blank told us we had no chance of using the facility unless we attended their 5-fold indoctrination meetings, took some 5-fold course they offered and agreed in writing to promote their 5-fold agenda (all this while still very loudly protesting their goal of working with all Christians in spite of doctrinal differences!).
Thank God, their control of the building was instantly terminated and we were able to begin holding services there (along with a beautiful
Hispanic group of dedicated soul-winners).
Christians, it is time to be practicing careful discernment. Listen to the Holy Spirit. The true facts may not always be available, however,
the Holy Spirit is always available, and he will give us a check in our spirits if something or someone is not right.
Those who are being deceived will interpret that check as being critical and will rebel against it. But listen to those warning bells from the Holy
Spirit of God, and do some homework before throwing in your lot with just anybody.
Hook up with soul winners--those who care more for the individual than the "community."
The "community" is made up of individuals who we are supposed to be reaching out to on an individual basis.
Remember, the good shepherd leaves the ninety and nine to go looking for the one. He never abandons the one in favor of the ninety and nine.

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"Are all people who believe in the 5-fold ministry false teachers or prophets?" 

No, everyone who believes in the 5-fold ministry isn't wrong--only those who make it their main agenda. Those who are real care more for winning souls and the welfare of the sheep than for any agenda. Some of the buzz words to look for in those you want to avoid are as follows:

  • Present Truth or Present Restored Truth
  • Outside the walls (or Outside the 4 Walls)
  • 5-fold Ministry or 5-folders
  • Paradigm 
  • Prophetic Activation
  • Prophetic Presbytery
  • Prophetic, Prophetic, Prophetic
  • Ascension Gifts/Ascension Ministries 
  • "Itinerant" Ministers/Ministries 
  • Awakening

The real does exist. God gave certain ministry gifts to his church. The challenge to the Christian is to recognize when Satan is counterfeiting what God is doing--and many are not recognizing the error. Some have become so afraid of the counterfeits, they have decided to toss the gifts altogether and not allow them in their churches. That is a serious error as well.

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