When Will We Be Reigning As Kings and Priests? (a/p)

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How do we rightly divide (discern) Biblical statements that tell us that mankind was given dominion over this planet and that we are not only sons of God but Kings and priests as well?


Revelation 1:6 says:
"And has made us kings and priests unto God and his Father; to him be glory and dominion forever and ever.”


John is speaking to the church here (Revelation 1:6) and makes a statement that we have been made kings...


What does a king do? A king rules. Since that is the case, when were we made kings, and how are we supposed to be ruling? In order to rightly divide this verse, we need to look at a few more scriptures.


Romans 5:17 says that we will reign in "life" by Christ Jesus. Was the apostle referring to believers reigning in this life? I do not believe so.


In Mark chapter 9, Jesus makes a few references to "life" that I believe are related to Romans 5:17. In Mark 9:43, Jesus said it is better to enter into "life" maimed... Was Jesus referring to Heaven? I do not believe so. No one will enter into Heaven maimed. There is
no sin, sickness, injury or defect there.


In Mark 9:45, Jesus said it would be better to enter in "life" crippled... If Jesus was not referring to Heaven, what then was he referring to? Verse 47 answers that question for us.


In Mark 9:47 Jesus came right out and said it. He said it would be better to enter into the "Kingdom" of God blind... In this passage (and I believe also in Romans 5:17), it is Christ's
earthly kingdom that is being referenced.


When Jesus came the first time, although he "was" the King, he did not reign as king. So it is with us. Although we are "made kings..." we are not yet reigning.


2 Timothy 2:12 makes this very clear: If we suffer [with him], we shall also reign with [him]: The key word here is "shall."


There is no doubt whatsoever that this verse is referring to the time when Christ shall return to earth to establish his earthly kingdom. When that happens, we will return "with" him and will be reigning "with" him (i.e., helping administrate his government).

1 Thessalonians says "...at the coming of the Lord Jesus with all his saints."


There are other verses which very clearly spell out the fact that it is not this world, or this age, in which mankind can expect to be ruling or having dominion in, it is the world to come (Hebrews 2:5).


Right now, at this present time, we are in the world as our Lord was when he came the 1st time. He did not come the first time to rule, and neither are we ruling now.


So let that mind be in us that was in Christ Jesus, who although he was almighty God, Lord and King of all, and knew that he would not be considered a thief or usurper to claim equality with God (because he was God), never-the-less, emptied himself of his glory and became one of us--not only did he become one of us, but he became the lowest of us--the servant.


And what did Jesus told us about that? He said, "The servant is not above his lord. It is enough for the servant to be "as" his lord."

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