Purpose 5 for the 70 Weeks
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Seventy weeks are determined upon thy people (Jews) and upon thy holy city (Jerusalem) to,...

"seal up the vision and prophecy..."

the word translated "seal" means just that - close up/seal/stop.

it is the Jews who are the oracles of God. It was the Jews through whom Christ descended and it was the Jews who prophesied of him.

We were given the word of God through the Jewish prophets and apostles.

It will be during the 70 weeks spoken of in Daniel 9:24 that Prophecy and vision will be sealed up - stopped.

There will be no more.

We are told that when "that which is perfect is come"  (Jesus - 2nd coming) knowledge (learning), tongues and prophecy will cease. I Corinthians 13:8,12

There will be no more bits and pieces - we will obtain, at that time, the whole. We will be given the missing pieces of the puzzle that learning, tongues and prophecy dole out a little at a time for us now.

By the end of 490th year of the time allotted to Daniel's people (for the 6 things in Daniel 9:24 to be fulfilled) all vision and prophecy will be ended forever.

The scriptures say that anyone who prophesies during the reign of Christ will be executed. There will be no more prophets after the return of Christ. (Zechariah 3:2-5)

Christ must return by the end of the 490th year in order for Daniel 9:24 to hold true. Most everything contained in the 24th verse is dealing with the very end of the seventy weeks - i.e., the 70th week.

The last week of the 490 years is the 70th week.

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