A Common Fallacy
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Does it matter which Doctor we choose?  Does it matter what kind of food we eat? Does it matter who we leave our kids with?

Dr. Geddes ( a Roman Catholic divine 1786) said this of the KJV. If accuracy and strictest attention to the letter of the text be supposed to constitute an excellent version, this is of all versions the most excellent.”

who will say that the uncommon beauty and marvelous English of the Protestant Bible is not one of the greatest strongholds of heresy in this country…. In the length and bread of the land there is not  a Protestant with one spark of religiousness about him whose spiritual biography is not in his Saxon Bible.”      Roman Catholic, Father Faber

Common fallacy:
"The King James Version is too difficult to understand. It was written in the common language of people who lived hundreds of years ago."

I will challenge the argument that the KJV is too difficult for English speaking people today to understand.

I began reading the KJV 22 years ago with no prior knowledge of the scriptures. I had little problem understanding the English of my King James Bible. And since I didn't realize that spiritual understanding was supposed to be an instant effortless thing, I did not resent the extra effort I expended in becoming acquinted with the few words I found that were archaic and had to be looked up in my Strong's Concordance (original - not "New updated" or "Strongest Strongs") 

the KJV is beautifully written and without dispute (divine inspiration aside) one of the finest pieices of literature ever produced.

As far as the argument that it was the common language of the people of King James' day. It was their language yes.
But not "common" English.

The KJV was written in the "formal" English of that day; not the common English.

The common people of that day did not use the thee's, thou's and "eth's" anymore than we do. What is so difficult about understanding them anyway?

As far as some of the English words that are obselete or have completely changed meaning? The resources for researching the original languages are readily available for the KJV.

I refute the argument that says the King James Version is too difficult to understand. It is not. This lie is repeated so often that prejudice towards the KJV seems to become firmly ingrained at a very early age in many people today. 

As far as the argument that says it was written the common English of it's day. It was not.

The King James Bible was written in the "formal" form of the English language of the time it was written in. 

And what is wrong with translating the scriptures into a more formal form of our language? The laws and statutes of our goverment on every level are written in formal language. Why do we resent the same respect being extended to the Word of God?

In any case, the King James Bible remains not only inspired, but beautiful - and absolutely not too difficult to understand!

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