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Does it matter which Bible version we read?........Does it matter which Doctor we choose?  Does it matter what kind of food we eat? Does it matter who we leave our kids with?

Hungry Hearts Ministries does not take a King James only position.
However, we do take a strong stand on the source material from which the Word of God is translated from, and we have found few translations besides the King James Bible that we believe have been translated from reliable sources.

Although we acknowledge that the hundreds of modern Bible Versions (Translated from the Hort Westcott Greek or the United Bible societie's "eclectic" Nestle-Aland text)  contain a great deal of the Word of God, They do not contain all of it--and indeed add quite a bit to it as well, and they are contradictory in many many places with other versions (not just King James).
In cases of contradictions, the publishers of this website always choose the Received Text (King James translated from) as, not just containing the Word of God, but being the reliable Word of God.


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The Protestant denominations are built upon that manuscript of the Traditional Received Text (Textus Receptus), also called the Byzantine Text or the Majority Text because it is based on the vast majority of manuscripts still in existence.

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