Overspreading Of Abominations
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Daniel 9:27 says:
"...and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make
it desolate even until the consummation, and that etermined
shall be poured upon the desolate."

The term used here "overspreading" is interesting when compared with a scripture in Isaiah that is referring to
the same time period as Daniel 9:27.

Isaiah 28:20
"For the bed is shorter than a man can stretch himself in it: and the "covering" narrower than he can wrap himself in it. (entire passage 28:15-20 is referring to the covenant of hell and death Israel will make with the anti-christ)

The word translated "overspreading" in Daniel 9:27 can also be translated "wings."

What in the world can the words "overspreading," "covering" and "wings" have in commom?

In scripture "wings" are referred to as a form of "protection" the same goes for "covering."

Psalm 91:4 "...under his "wings" shalt thou trust..."

Isaiah 30:1
"...that "cover" with a covering but not of my spirit (this in reference to looking to Egypt for protection see:2-5)

The "overspreading" of abominations spoken of in Daniel 9:27 is not referring to a "series" of abominations - that meaning isn't found in the original language.

It is referring to a false "protection" - wings under which protection cannot be found and covering which cannot cover.

Just as the wings of the Cherbim "overspread" (a symbol of Gods protection) the ark of the covenant which was kept in the holy place, the man of sin will place "his image" in the same place and promise protection to all who will
worship him.

Like organized crime "protection" rackets.
"You pay me, and I'll protect you."
"Protect me from who?"
"I'll protect you from me!"

the word "abomination" was commonly used by the Israelites in reference to any idol.

"...and for the "overspreading of abominations" (the idol or image of the man of sin which promises protection) "he" (the man of sin) shall make "it" (the most holy place)"desolate" (ruined)..."

this is the "abomination of desolation standing in the holy place" Jesus referred to in Matthew 24:15.

It will be brought in suddenly and unexpectedly. Then with
devastating speed all who will not come to worship this image and take the mark of allegience to the man of sin will be hunted down and destroyed.

That is why in the very next few verses (Matthew 24:16-18) Jesus said "flee!" Don't stop for anything - where ever you are when you hear this news run - with only the clothes on your back if necessary - if you hesitate at all it will be too late.

The man of sin (beast, antichrist, the assyrian) will reign in terror even until the "consummation" (the return of Jesus Christ will consummate this time period) and "that determined" (decreed wrath) shall be poured out upon the "desolate" (devastated and stupified Jews).

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