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The Spiritual Aspects of Powwow

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People get together to sing, dance, renew old friendships and form new ones. What could be better?
Is that all powwow is? A mere social gathering?
It's that and much much more isn't it?
Isn't it true that traditionally powwow has always had a religious significance? Originally powwows were held in the Spring to  celebrate the new beginning of life.
Prayers were (and still are at many powwows) offered to the Creator--the Great Spirit. Naming ceremonies were traditionally held at powwows (a spiritual event).
Powwows today still retain a spiritual significance.
The Name itself (powwaw) is telling. It means shaman.
There are sacred traditions which are associated with this gathering.
Many dances are done in the circle. The circle is an important symbol to Native American people and is considered  sacred.
Powwow participants are admonished to treat the sacred circle as they would a church.
The dances are done in the arena--the sacred circle which is blessed at the beginning of the powwow festivities and is considered sacred from the time it is blessed until the powwow is over.
Once it has been blessed it is considered spiritual ground.
Blessings are said to be received by everyone attending a powwow.
There is committment given to the traditions and spirituality of every nation of American Indians in attendance at a powwow.
Medicine wheels are carried in abundance at powwows. These have spiritual significance.
The dancer's regalia are more than mere costumes. Many items of religious significance are worn, and the regalia is blessed before being donned at a powwow.
Many dancers use eagle feathers as part of their regalia. If an eagle feather (which is sacred) is dropped, the feather may not be touched until a cleansing ceremony takes place.
The drums used at a powwow are considered sacred and also to possess a unique spirit of their own. Gifts are even made to the drum.
At the close of a powwow, a prayer is said.
The closing ceremony is considered a sacred time.
Attendance at a powwow 
and participation in a powwow cannot be separated.
There are no spectators at a powwow.
Everyone is considered a participant,
even if they don't do anything but lend their presence. 
To come to a powwow is to powwow.
Do you see the many spiritual aspects of a powwow? Every major part of a powwow is spiritual in nature.
And there is no such thing as spiritual neutrality.
There is the Holy Spirit (God and his ministering spirits--the angels), and there is the unholy spirit (Satan and his hordes of demon spirits).
There is no in between.
Who is being prayed to during the opening and closing ceremonies and when the arena, drum arbour, regalias and  dropped eagle feathers are blessed?
The Creator? 
Jesus Christ is the Creator.
If the Creator being honored is not Jesus Christ, then it is a
false God--a devil, who is being honored--yes and even being worshiped during many of the dances. 
The powwow is a point of contact (portal) for demons.
If powwow has been a part of your life, pray and ask the Lord for deliverance from the spiritual strongholds that have most certainly gained access into your life through this point of contact.
Agree with God that participation in this activity is sinful and ask his forgiveness.
Then, in the mighty Name of Jesus, bind, rebuke and renounce every unclean spirit that has oppressed you as a result of participation in powwow.
If you are not comfortable doing this alone, find another Bible believing Christian to pray with you.
After that, acknowledge God in all your ways,
so he can direct your paths.
Remain strong in the Lord and in the power of his might...
and be free!

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click here to View & Print Free Brochure of this Article

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